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Refugees and Responsibility

日本語訳 |  français

by Akio Matsumura

In his welcoming remarks at the United Nations General Assembly, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon drew attention to the plight of refugees fleeing Syria and the political and humanitarian challenges of and responsibilities for Europe’s leaders and citizens as more and more people seek safe haven. More than 4 million have fled Syria since 2011, and that number grows as you include… Continue reading

Sacrifice and Spiritual Law: Solutions for Fukushima

Japanese (日本語 ), German and French

by Akio Matsumura
“Thirty seconds into what may ultimately be regarded as one of the defining speeches of his career, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe slowly raised his hands chest high, then spread them out sideways in a gesture of confidence.
“Let me assure you,” he said, addressing members of the International Olympic Committee on… Continue reading

A Most Optimistic Man: Challenging Complacency

By Akio Matsumura

The United States and Japan are both plagued by suicide.  Many people are taking their own lives out of a sense of isolation and loneliness.  Although the circumstances for the two cases are distinct, the challenge to both countries–overcoming complacency–is the same.

A few weeks ago someone called my cell phone and started speaking to me in Japanese. I answered in… Continue reading

“Sat Paul, Do you disagree with me?” Learning globally to act locally

Read in Japanese (日本語 )

by Akio Matsumura

The media coverage over the U.S. health care debate throughout the last month has been extraordinary.  Put aside your thoughts on the outcome—the coverage helped viewers become more familiar with U.S. politicians and the U.S. political process.  And many were left disappointed.  The deep rift that splits American politics invites bitterness and disappointment at all levels.
As I have had the pleasure… Continue reading

Peace as Process: Religious Interpretation and Political Compromise

By Akio Matsumura

At the Kremlin in Moscow in 1990 I learned a life changing lesson, watching those Jewish in attendance, all prominent leaders, pray to attend during the Sabbath. For those who are not familiar with Jewish tradition, the Sabbath is a weekly day of rest, lasting from Friday to Saturday evening, with the timing depending on the time of year. Observation and remembrance of the Sabbath is… Continue reading