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“I have a powerful position of the UN, a staff of 4,000 and a huge office, but Akio does not have any of this. However he can bring President Gorbachev and Mother Teresa together at a meeting, which I cannot do.”


– Bradford Morse, Administrator of UNDP






“A spiritual beginning must be the basis of any initiative. Akio has always faithfully acted upon this conviction. His devotion to it has made it possible for him not only to overcome numerous obstacles and problems but also help others.”

– President Mikhail Gorbachev


Akio Matsumura was one of the first global citizens I met many years back in a forum in Moscow. His genuine concern and compassion for all people inspired me to see my own connection to the rest of  humanity. Evolution will move forward for the better because of people like him.

Jim Paredes, musician, Philippines




Akio Matsumura is in the truest sense of the phrase “a citizen of the world”.  He has no ideological agenda beyond the betterment of the human condition.  A remarkable and admirable person.

 Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, Dean of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy




Akio’s modesty is key to his achievements. He does not try to control the outcome of his conferences: the delegates are genuinely free to discuss what they want, and how. This openness is, I believe, the key to his success.

Anuradha Vittachi, Co-founder, OneWorld Network and OneClimate






“He has the spirit of a saint, the skill of a mediator, the mind of one inspired by an awesome Creator, and Cosmic friend, and the imaginative courage of a genuine, one of a kind, historic initiator. His sense of urgency is grounded in the dramatic and traumatic struggle of our time which is as much spiritual as it is political.”

Ambassador Glenn A. Olds, former US ambassador to the UN




“He is the most completely selfless, dedicated person I have ever known. Failure is a word he does not know. It is only for him a challenge to move forward again.”

– John C. Whitehead, former US Deputy Secretary of State; co-chairman Goldman Sachs


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