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The New Japanese Nationalism

Dear friends,

I’d like to introduce Toshio Nishi’s article, “The New Japanese Nationalism,” which was first published in the Hoover Institution’s Defining Ideas. Dr. Nishi, a frequent contributor, is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

His essay, as usual, is hard-hitting and provocative. I was born in Tokyo at almost the same time as Dr. Nishi, and both of us have lived abroad for most of our life and

Seeking Donations: Support Akio Matsumura

Since the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, this website has become a leading resource for politicians, business leaders, scientists, and the press to find a balanced and international perspective of the Fukushima accident. Our work has been especially important for the political leaders of Japan, but has also brought two main issues to the American and Japanese public’s attention: the potential dangers of the fourth reactor and the likelihood of… Continue reading

An Open Letter: Why I Support Akio Matsumura, and Why You Should Too / (公開書簡) 福島第一原発危機:松村昭雄氏への皆様からのご協力お願いとその理由

Last week I received this letter of appraisal from Ms. Michiko Kimura, whom I have known for many years. I publish it here with great humility and appreciation. Yours truly, Akio.


Read in Japanese and German.


I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Akio Matsumura when I was working as the Assistant in Charge of International Relations for the late Hon. Takashi Sato… Continue reading

UN Finally Urges Japan to Do More for Health

Read this article in German.


by Akio Matsumura and Chris Cote


Days after the World Health Organization downplayed the health crisis in Fukushima, UN Special Rapporteur for the right to health Anand Grover strongly recommended that the Japanese government be accountable for the health of its population and take more appropriate action. Finishing an 11-day tour of Fukushima prefecture and… Continue reading

Fading Memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

By Akio Matsumura



That indelible black and white image of an ever-expanding mushroom cloud still sits in many homes and offices and still haunts many minds. It conveys a sense of awe in the face of tremendous power. There are fewer iconic images that depict the sometimes barely tangible fallout of this power: the vanquished bodies of loved ones, the slow onset of cancer, the… Continue reading

Sacrificing Our Children: Nuclear Accidents Challenge Priorities of United Nations

by Akio Matsumura

This article is now available in German.

Japan’s Lack of Concern for Fukushima’s Children

The children of Fukushima need greater medical attention and assistance.  After the Chernobyl accident, concerns grew in that region as to whether higher rates of cancer, especially in the thyroid gland, would be found in children… Continue reading