Response from Gary Levinson, violinist and concertmaster for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Last week I was invited to Dallas by one of the most visionary businessmen I have met, Mr. Luke Stewart, President of Energy Parametrics & Communications.  He arranged a surprise dinner reception in my honor, presenting my concept and my 38 years of work. They arranged special music performance by Mr. Gary Levinson, violinist, concertmaster for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and his wife, Baya Kakouberi, pianist, who performed a wonderful music for the dinner reception.

Mr. Levinson was born at Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and his wife was born in Georgia, therefore they were very much moved by watching a short video of the Moscow Conference. He was also moved to respond to Princess Elizabeth’s article because it connected with his roots.  On her mother’s side, Her Highness descends from Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

I am very happy to introduce his response to her article.


Violinist Gary Levinson

Dear Akio,

I have to say that your email just made my day! What an extraordinary opportunity to electronically meet Her Highness, Princess Elizabeth; I was immediately transported to my birthplace, St. Petersburg, and the hours I would spend at the Winter Palace looking at the gilded carriages and the exquisite chef d’oeuvres of the czars. It is no accident that while recording the Beethoven Sonatas this last winter, I researched the reasons Beethoven dedicated the second and third sonata to Czar Nicholas.

I can’t tell you how much the Princess’ essay moved me. It reminds me that whatever gifts God endows us with, they are there to serve the society, which is the most important reason musicians play and composers write. Our talents are first and foremost to carry the message of spiritual connection between all people.

I wish all of you a lovely rest of the summer and look forward to your thoughts on the subject.


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