The Power of Dialogue: Words to Action

earth conference oneThe freedom of expression is a foundational tenet of democracy, and of individual freedom. At the Global Forum for Human Survival, where Akio gathered 100 spiritual leaders and 100 political leaders to discuss the world’s largest problems and its future, there was no agenda. The openness that each participant brought with them, the willingness to cross cultural and religious barriers made James Lovelock write,

“The  Global Forum did not end with the departure of the coaches from Oxford on April 15, 1988.  For many of us it still goes on as a new and thrilling way of life, a rewarding and purposeful communion that has sustained us and set our minds and hearts on the true task ahead: to ensure not just human survival, but the survival of all life through living in harmony with the Earth itself. (Foreword of Earth Conference One)” 

Dialogue is our weapon this century, of our generation now.  It’s how to win hearts and minds.

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