Response to Lubna Malik from Akio

Dear Lubna:

I thank you very much for sending to us the wonderful article that Mr. Chris Cote and I are preparing to launch a discussion, called Finding the Missing Link, around the role of youth as emerging peacemakers between Western and Muslims communities.

Peace represents always the willingness and hope for the future, and it depends on how the younger people like yourself see the world and your country, and challenge toward the goal without a finish line. Gross National Product (GNP) is the measure of the economic welfare of the country, and Gross National Dream and Hope (GNDH) will be measured as the potential human development of the country which is the strongest engine toward constructing ideas as well as nations. Economic Power and Military Power alone could not develop a strong nation without the high standard of the GNDH.

From this point of views, it is very encouraging to learn your opinion that being a peacemaker, you believe that peace in the world starts with each and every one of us, and the younger ones have more potential, opportunities and chances of success to draw the reconstruction between two communities. I could not agree with you more that we must establish international links from the  school level to introduce our children the diversity of cultures.

I am very much encouraged to learn your vision and pleased to get acquainted with some one like you who are carrying the enlightening endeavor in the most difficult region of which I mentioned in my blog. Your country and its region badly need you and your colleagues for the common future. We are grateful to you for your strong commitments and we very much look forward to working with you.
Yours truly,

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