Global Hip Hop: Music for Expression

Hip hop is music that has been around in the US for 40 years, but is taking on new shapes and forms as it sprouts in different regions of the world. Check these out: hip hop for freedom of expression and even a way to fight extremism by spreading positive messages to youth.

African Underground: Hip Hop in Senegal


  • I Love Hip Hop in Morocco: I spoke on the telephone with Josh Ashen, the creator of I Love Hip Hop in Morocco almost 3 years ago while I was planning my own trip to research music/social movements in Morocco.  I saw this film at a festival in NY and was hooked.  Check it out.

The bottom line of these videos is that music is an incredible way to spread culture, religion, and political messages, either within a group of people, or beyond, to a new group.  Hip Hop is a growing global form of communication.   Go check out Hip Hop for Social Change on Facebook or email at


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