From Lahore, Pakistan: Youth as Emerging Peacemakers

Ms. Lubna Malik, international link coordinator for Beaconhouse Schools in Lahore, Pakistan, sent me this contribution for the blog. A positive message encouraging dialogue.
First, a quick intro to the Beaconhouse School System:


  • The first Beaconhouse school opened in Lahore in 1975. Beaconhouse has now established more than 130 schools in 30 cities and towns in Pakistan. Students study a variety of curricula, and Beaconhouse alumni are successful in all walks of life in Pakistan. More info at:

The post from Ms. Lubna Malik:

Youth as emerging peacemakers between Western nations and Muslim communities

Is peace in the world possible? Emphatically, yes!
Before writing anything else I should give a message to the youth who are raising the banner of peace, harmony and unity between the western world and the Muslims nations that you may not be able to make a big contribution, but you can make a little one, and you’ve got to try. Even if your contribution is a “little one,” in the long run, the smallest ingredient can be the most powerful, and the slightest act the most potent.
We are to discus the role of young generation in achieving the enlightened future, in succeeding to turn dream into reality; PEACE between western countries and Islamic nations.
Being a peacemaker I believe that Peace in the world starts with each and every one of us, and the younger ones have more potential, opportunities and chances of success to draw the reconciliation between two communities. Guys and girls we need to understand it, why should we always suffer from the agitation, aggression and all that distress which is enforced to us by mischief makers. Why can’t we work for a better tomorrow to prove the world the power of youth?
I believe we should be bit more practical both secretly and publicly, only on the basis of more interaction and talking on the common issues we can proceed in such a way that peace can be imminent. We need to utilize our potential to make this world a better place.
We all live in one world, within our own cultural framework. We are interdependent to one another to survive. We need to broaden our vision to see the oneness and links across the globe. We all are on the same track- the track of peace.
Here, I have few ideas to share with you, by approaching these we can show the world practically what we are up to:

  1. First of all we should cooperate with each other on different issues.
  2. We must develop the culture of having table talk to resolve conflicts on equality basis.
  3. We must pay visits to one another’s countries to spread harmony.
  4. We must have some friendly exchange of sports, education, religion and other visits.
  5. We must establish international links from school level to introduce our children with the diversity of cultures.
  6. We must have forums and wake up calls for young generation to work as peacemakers.
  7. We must welcome the positive suggestions to this noble cause open heartedly.
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