Monthly Archives: September 2009

Response to Lubna Malik from Akio

Dear Lubna:

I thank you very much for sending to us the wonderful article that Mr. Chris Cote and I are preparing to launch a discussion, called Finding the Missing Link, around the role of youth as emerging peacemakers between Western and Muslims communities.

Peace represents always the willingness and hope for the future, and it depends on how the younger people like yourself see the world and… Continue reading

Amartya Sen: Discussion and reason, our tools against terrorism

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has published a new book, The Idea of Justice. In it, he argues that to achieve justice you need public reasonable discussion, outlawing the use of torture no matter what the situation. (Christopher Hitchens gets water boarded to get the inside scoop, check out the video here ) Sen argues, “Dedicated terrorists survive on the basis of very large number of people who are compliant… Continue reading