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Young Business Leaders: The Missing Link in World Peace


By Rinaldo Brutoco, Founding President of the World Business Academy

Youth have a unique ability to serve as peacekeepers between Muslim and Western communities, but the missing link among youth has been their recognition of the possibility of creating an improved human condition for both Muslim and Western nations through increased commerce. Young people have the energy and the drive for entrepreneurial engagement, so it… Continue reading

Response to Lubna Malik from Akio

Dear Lubna:

I thank you very much for sending to us the wonderful article that Mr. Chris Cote and I are preparing to launch a discussion, called Finding the Missing Link, around the role of youth as emerging peacemakers between Western and Muslims communities.

Peace represents always the willingness and hope for the future, and it depends on how the younger people like yourself see the world and… Continue reading

Amartya Sen: Discussion and reason, our tools against terrorism

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has published a new book, The Idea of Justice. In it, he argues that to achieve justice you need public reasonable discussion, outlawing the use of torture no matter what the situation. (Christopher Hitchens gets water boarded to get the inside scoop, check out the video here ) Sen argues, “Dedicated terrorists survive on the basis of very large number of people who are compliant… Continue reading

FP’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals

Foreign Policy published a list of the world’s top 100 public intellectuals last year, and it’s very worth checking out. I bet you haven’t heard of most of the people, even within the top 10!Here’s a preview: (links are to wikipedia pages)

  1. Aitzaz Ahsan: Lawyer/politician- Pakistan
  2. Kwame Anthony Appiah: Philosopher, Ghana/United States
  3. Anne Applebaum: Journalist/historian, United States
  4. Jacques Attali: Economist/writer

Why Do Retired Generals Become Peace Advocates? Let Us Create a Curriculum for Peace in Our Military Academies

Read in Japanese.

By Akio Matsumura

During September in 1973 I found myself beginning a two hour bus ride, headed for the outskirts of Jakarta. I was with the Japanese Parliamentary Study Mission on Population and Development, headed by former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi. We had already had very fruitful visits to India and Thailand, and were now moving through Indonesia. … Continue reading