The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry (author of all illustrations and words including the cover above) is both seen as a children’s book and a novella that delves into a philosophic journey suitable for adults. Between the fictitious adventure of a WWII pilot and the playful-yet-inspiring illustrations lies a search for a truth still relevant to each one of us.

Several of the truths revealed are of particular importance and relevancy to the Plant the Seed Network’s mission of peace through cultural understanding. One central truth unveiled is a certain self-importance shared by all and the understanding that each person has a unique niche and area of interest in life. The Little Prince planet-hops, seeking out holders of various occupations and eventually learns on Earth that to love and be loved is the most important thing to aim for in life, beyond being a geographer, king, or lamp-lighter. However, the Little Prince learns much through his friendship with a fox, who teaches him compassion and love.

The teaching, loving fox brings to the Little Prince an experience that the Prince would not otherwise know and this is the second important topic that relates to the Plant the Seed Network. PSN’s focus is greatly derived from the wishes, visions, and experiences of Akio Matsumura and his friends and acquaintances from the United Nations and various other international organizations.

The older generation, having worked on the current problems for many years, can show our generation of students the outcomes of their trials. We then have the opportunity of using the most effective ideas in order to influence our outcomes and increase our successes. We will hopefully see great strides toward a shared peace and understanding across cultures and our greatest chance toward this is through a shared understanding across generations. With open ears we will move forward toward open hearts. And remember, as the Little Prince found out in his travels: no job we have is too serious to ask ourselves why we do it, and no animal or prince is too small too love.

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