The Power of a Chlid

The speech in the video above is inspirational. This girl, Severn Suzuki, is only 13 years old at the time the speech was given at the Rio Earth Summit in 1993. She astounded every listener at the conference and has astounded every Youtube viewer since. Despite the video’s 100,000’s of viewings, her voice is largely unheard by those addressed. Our planet still has the same problems it had 15 years ago, and they have largely gotten worse with the passage of time. However to those not addressed–the dreamers, children, students, people largely of a younger generation–her voice serves as inspiration.

Reread the first post of this blog and you see that the Plant the Seed Network’s mission is to create an online network/movement of students dedicated to peace through transcending traditional cultural barriers that are now causing conflict as they meet, mix and intertwine. This girl’s speech embodies the desires of the Plant the Seed Network: the older generation, although with certain triumphs during its day, has largely unfulfilled its goals and commitments as leaders and we, the younger generation, are now left with the large responsibility of human survival. The Plant the Seed Network is a group of students from around the world committed to taking steps toward global cooperation and creating a harmony among the Earth’s citizens that allows us to take strides as a whole toward the solutions we need to survive.

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