Pale Blue Dot

This video is simple but powerful. Dr. Carl Sagan possessed an insightful knowledge of the universe and with that viewpoint he was able to describe our human issues on planet Earth in a new, compelling way, demonstrating a vision only possible through a fresh look at our planet. This video shows us our relative unimportance as a species to the Earth and Universe.

For many years we have been dealing with global issues such as environmental preservation and conservation, poverty, hunger, disease, overpopulation, and cultural tolerance. These issues are obviously still pressing, and Akio’s work in 1988 and 1990, assembling the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders, created the beginning to a global solution. Carl Sagan was a friend of Akio’s and attended these conferences, even mentioning their importance to him in his final book, Billions and Billions.

We can see the great insignificance of all that we deem significant, and we must begin to ask ourselves the question: why? Why do we cause so much pain and trouble when we can cause joy? Why hate when it’s possible to love? In Billions and Billions Carl Sagan explores these ideas and the conclusion is that by transcending our perceived differences in religion, science, politics, and culture we can achieve our shared global desires of peace, well-being and security.

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